At the Park Saturday

Author: Micky

Took the kids to the park the other day, poor Kev was sick so he was very inactive.... but still the fresh air helped a bit.


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  1. Chiara

    Ohhh,Micky, I'm so happy you have a blog. Your kids are adorable and I love watching their progress which I couldn't do otherwise being we are so far apart and busy!That way even if we can't talk much at least we know whats going on in each other's lives!My girls and I really miss you and Kev!!

  2. MarZ

    hey's been a's nice to see pics of you guys......your boys are so cute....yeah, I haven't heard from Sandra in eons....last i heard she was in Spain studying....anyways pray for her. LOts of luv to you & yours...keep in touch. big hugs

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