Author: Micky

Finally I am online again. We have been having typhoons and so the connection was off for a while.
Anyway it has been an eventful week with two birthdays and all. This is the first time I have ever made cakes for my kids. I always buy them, but I just thought I'd try for fun..... I'm so bad at it. Sometimes I felt like throwing it out and just buying one but I was determined to try lol. the kids loved them. I just love their simplicity, I thought they looked like crap but the kids thought they were so cool so that made me happy. Anyways here's some pics from my kids Birthdays.

I asked Kevin if he wanted a house party for his friends or a boat trip and of course he'd way rather do the outdoor thing.... so we had it on a boat (thanks Dad). Was fun! Kevin wanted an underwater cake.... I can't believe he's already 6. My big boy!!
He couldn't figure out why everyone was singing happy birthday to him all day. He looked very puzzled. The kids chose the cake theme.


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  1. Anonymous

    Mic, your birthday cakes were spectacular!!! Happy Birthday to your handsome boys! They're all so cute and good-looking... Love you and miss you!

  2. Hanna

    AW, your cakes look great, and am sure ur boys were happy that they could say "my mom made them". Looks like a really cool b-day party(ies).

  3. Flor

    awww! they're so adorable! Jason is so cute and Kevin is really big. Its been so long!

  4. Flor

    and your cake is quite nifty i might add! I ought to try it as well. i really stared at it long and hard.Its good! I like the idea for the sand.

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