Christmas is here!

Author: Micky

A bunch of pics from our first cmas party for freinds....... we had it a little early cause there is a big Asian Summit being held here in Cebu so all the streets will be closed and traffic will be CRAZY!!!!!
The kids did their puppet show, they are really good at it, it actually comes out so nice. They are really into teh details and props. Then they did a dance which was new for them, but Kevin and Roo were right up their dancing their little hearts out! Such loves!!Everyone would yell and start clapping so much when they would come up. Roo actually wasn't in the program mind you.... heh.... so poochy!

So yeah just a bunch of pics of the guys here and some freinds of ours. Oh and that fat chinky baby........ he is the cutest little, well huge.. thing. He's only four months!!! His mom is the one in the pic with me serving food. She's a really good friend. And the family with two kids arehere for a week then they'll be leaving to the US , the guy is Rejoice of Jonathan s brother. So yeah thats us!!


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