McDonalds Marathon!!

Author: Micky

So it goes like this.... Kevin is always hungry!! You take him for lunch he eats a ton and then ten minutes later he is going on about how starving he is. So anyway the other day he told Mark and Jacob ( He is a Danish teacher by the way, he stays with us and teaches the kids. The kids are all doing ICS which is very advanced and quite difficult. The two last years of their highschool course in math is the first two years of collage in most schools, and school courses. So they need tutoring which is where Jacob cames in. But by the way he teaches the kids for free in exchange for room and board hehe.) so....... oh yeah..... Kevin says he could eat ten hamburgers and he seemed very sure of himself, so Jacob said he'd take him out today and buy him as many hamburgers as he could eat and get Roo as many fries as he could eat. So hence the marathon today..... Kevin managed to eat only three hamburgers with a little difficulty, some fries and a large drink. Still quite a bit for a little guy, and Roo ate two things of fries. Yikes they're such piggies. Here's some pics!!


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