Good Bye Teachers!

Author: Micky

The teachers and Oliver.

Lisa, Kevin and Genessa (she's a little girl who grew up on the streets, her mother has ten children but a few of them died and one is handicapped and just roams the streets, they have no house. She was basically abandoned. She's only 13 years old, and she is staying with us waiting for her papers to come through so she can go to Canada with a Canadian couple who wanted to adopt her. She's been with us about 4 months now.)

Cherry and David.

So this batch of teachers is leaving, they've been here for about five months now. It's been great having them, they're a fun bunch. Anyway we had a farewell dinner last night for them which was fun, they wrote a song and sang it to us, quite funny. And then they gave out gifts, one to the whole house, one to Jacob and one to Mark. They are the ones that have been taking care of them since they came, like driving them around showing them the sites, working out the jobs with the schools, diving with them, partying with them ahem... well we have all done that.... hehe! Mark got a real Danish football shirt. Hehe, it's really nice. So heres some pics from last night!


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