Author: Micky

This morning somehow me and Mark got into the conversation of having a girl...... the ussual me saying "No way.... Im done" mark saying "Think how cute it would be to have girl" (of course he means in the future and he is strongly backed by EVERYONE I know.... Here it's apparently VERY lucky to have three boys and then a girl.) when all of a sudden Kevin pops up with "Dad, we can't have another baby....... it would just be too much work to take care of." hahahahaha I thought it was so funny!! I laughed so hard and told him he's the one who was alot of work. He looked at me quite puzzled..... he's into this thing now that five year olds are fully grown and know everything and can DO everything. Aaaaaagh! Haha it's quite funny (when Im not tired...) !


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