Finally the beach!!!!

Author: Micky

Yay! We finally went to the beach today!! It's been over a month. The kids had a blast in the pools. I really wanted to swim!!! It looked so nice and refreshing. But oh well I spent the day watching everyone else enjoying it. Kevin was doing all kindsa dives and flips, and some flops too into the deep end of the pool. He's such a sporty brave boy for his age. And Roo went down the water slide by himself for the first time. The first time he tried he sorta spun outta control and ended up going head first into the water. After which he came to me all teary eyed and said "Mommy I drowned." poor baby he was so cute. But after that he went a bunch more times and he figured how to keep himself in a sitting position.

Anyway baby is just two weeks yesterday and even though there was no swimming for him, he just loved being outdoors in the fresh air. So yeah heres some pictures from today.


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  1. Princess Penelope

    you look so sweet, you guys look great

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